Atmosphere & Decor

A picture is worth a 1000 words. So let spaces speak for themselves! My extensive professional experience with the identity of companies and brands can help ensure that the artistic images created will both intrigue and attract attention. Those images will also provide the desired effect in creating the perfect atmosphere you are looking for your environment.

When designing areas with multiple images or series of images we also have the option of video calls for brainstorming sessions, to effectively discover your required environment. Please call me!

Waiting Room.

Intriguing images are the best way to relieve the tedium of a waiting room and make your stay there a more pleasant experience.


A pleasant work environment can lead to increased productivity. Art can certainly help here!

Hospitals, schools, ships and town halls.

Art can create an atmosphere where people can feel comfortable.


A special tribute to the greats that have performed there or an intriguing piece of stage scenery? Art can achieve both.