With a wealth of communication experience and endless creativity for both concepts and images Yannik is always available for;

  • Image editing/collages
  • Poster designs
  • Digitale NewMedia portraits
  • Magazine cover/illustrations
  • Stamp design
  • Homepage image
  • Art advice and project design

Yannik, artist ànd designer.

Yannik was raised on the outskirts of the port of Rotterdam, an area well known for its entrepreneurial environment. He completed his secondary education in the turbulent 1960’s and after trying his luck in many different jobs without any real fulfillment, he used several creative workshops, an American Art course and a trainee position at an advertising agency to develop into a qualified graphic designer. He was just 21 years old when he started his own graphic design studio and soon gained a good reputation for creating great corporate identities. He also designed logos, packaging and store formats for his fast growing clientele.

Yannik also had ambitions to be an artist and in his spare time he worked on designing chairs, architecture and also his great love photography. He used his sabbatical year when he turned fifty to spend more time on his passion for photography. His output was phenomenal and resulted in his work being exhibited during the “Millenium Exhibition” in Gallery Port Zélande. His pieces from “On the border of land and water” were proudly on display amongst the works of established Dutch celebrities such as Nic Jonk and Henk Helmantel.

His earlier work was the result of his extensive travels throughout Europe and has often been described as “Painting with a camera.” The themes used included architecture, landscapes, water sports and people working and his work was rich in detail, with rhythmic structures and exciting compositions. They varied from realism to digitally edited abstract works. To reinforce the “painting” effect they were often printed on linen. His later work, which is far more vivid and colourful, was inspired by the many years he spent in France and Spain and his travels in Asia and Northern Africa.

These days Yannik is back in Scheveningen and working on more expressive and far larger works. His new direction has certainly got him noticed, as he has been commissioned to do several big new photographic projects for public buildings where he uses his extreme eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of design, architecture and corporate identity to create stunning pieces of work that also deliver a sharp visual commentary on important social issues.