Striking digital Art . . .

Tailored for you!

Test layer voor verkleining bij telefoongebruik

Inspiring images.

Enjoying fine art can give you an energy boost. Every single day. I create colourful digital art with that in mind. Please feel free to search my “Gallery” for an image that moves you and I will adapt it to suit your personal requirements.

A unique portrait?

It’s the perfect gift! Surprise and impress. Gain the recipients lasting appreciation with a ‘ Truly Unique ‘ collage portrait? Not just for celebrities, but for families, friends, businesses and organizations. See inspiring examples.

Art in business . . .

In Office, lobby or showroom. My digital art is ideal for creating the right atmosphere in public areas and for the strengthening of brand values. Well suited for in hotels, the catering industry, institutions and during events.


Welcome to my website. I’m Yannik and I create digital (collage) art. After years of working as a professional graphic designer in The Netherlands, I went to France and Spain to work as a ‘Photographics artist’. Now I’m back in Scheveningen and concentrate on creating photo design for portraits and art for public spaces. To see my most recent work please visit my Facebook page.

Always a work that captivates the imagination.

The starting points of my art are pictures that I made while travelling throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Although they start off as realistic, they often end up as abstract pieces, due to my intensive use of digital adjustments. They are intriguing, rhythmic and Colourful.
To create my work I make good use of the imperfections in photos such as resolution differences, blur, glare, duplication, edge effects, etc. The quality of my cameras are not important – sometimes the basic material even comes from photos taken with a simple mobile phone – what’s important is a vivid and intriguing end result: Striking images that deliver a surprising impact.

Always an image that fits.

Many of my artworks take place on the borders between water and land, but my huge archive also offers plenty of colourful work with other interesting themes. The images I make can always be adapted in size, colour scheme and execution to suit the exact requirements needed to achieve your objectives.

When an image is needed to achieve a certain objective and the desired image is not available in my files, I will create it. On request and at a pre-agreed price. ‘Images that surprise, but without any nasty surprises.’